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The modulation schemes given above — only some representatives of a large number of the used methods. Let's emphasize that the IM-modulation considered here belongs to the modulation subbearing, i.e. modulation of sequence of impulses which then are used in AM or WC systems. It is about two modulations one after another. First, information sequence of impulses. There can be an of AIM, ShIM, ChIM, KIM or any other type of modulation. Secondly, the subbearing containing information modulates the sinusoidal bearing.

For 100% modulation (m = and the power bearing 1 kW full capacity of the modulated fluctuations makes 1 kW + (1/2 kW + (1/2 kvt=1,5 kW. Let's note that at m=1 the power concluded in both lateral strips makes a of the power bearing. Similarly at m=0,5 power in lateral strips makes 1/8 capacities bearing. Stated above takes place only for the sinusoidal AM form. modulation can be used in transfer of pulse values.

Pulse-frequency modulation will transform levels of selections of tension to sequence of impulses which instant frequency, or repetition frequency, is directly connected with tension of selections. And here amplitude of all impulses of an, changes only their frequency. In essence all usual frequency modulation, only the bearing has a form, as in case of usual a WC; it consists of a of impulses.