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In Gospishcheprom believe that if soon the praviitelstvo will not undertake the measures protecting domestic producer, ttekhkhnologiya will disappear, are based on use of natural substances, occupied on these productions will remain without work and the market will be completely occupied with goods of SSA.

Secondly, hundred concerns lines on flood of drinks, totsledut to note commonality of this equipment used in Lviv. It means that SSA can always choose between various suppliers of the equipment, similar on the functions, without resorting to development of own types of production lines for the plants, saving on it.

. to raw materials to begin business: makes concentrates of drinks which impact to products unique characteristics and relish, and then makes a mareting of these products worldwide. In other words creates demand and profitably satisfies it.

Domestic-owned firms as well as SSA use recognition tactics by the consumer of their production. For this purpose colors of the company (A dewdrop - blue, orange, white get out; - green) which otobra-zhatsya in logos and trademarks of firms. Also advertizing inscriptions, firm handles, openers, self-bondings are widely used.

As confirmation of the aforesaid also that introduction of new drink for athletes of POWERaDE Ssanachala from the oldest, means the most saturated, the markets in Australia and New Zealand serves.

At the expense of such organization of functioning of corporation it is possible on the one hand - successfully to transfer risk and the most part of costs of botlersky subsidiaries, and on the other hand - to maximize profit within all system, using for example the mechanism of the transfer prices by deliveries to the different countries of concentrates of drinks to bottlers. Besides, having influence on activity of the bottlers in too time the head company coordinates their activity, distributing them on regions and the countries of the world and avoiding thus the competition between them.