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Thus, relevance of a subject of degree research, its practical and theoretical importance in a modern education system promoted the solution of a number of the tasks set at the beginning of research:

the design technique is directed on realization of personal potential of the pupil in the course of foreign-language speech activity where takes place not the subject and object relations of the teacher and pupils (as at traditional cool and fixed systems, and subject and subject with the coordinating function of the teacher dominating consulting;

Thus, the design technique is based on personal and activity approach and more promotes formation of the secondary language personality, development and improvement of primary language personality, so and improvement of foreign-language communicative and cross-cultural competence of school students in general.

Pupils observed discipline, easily got into gear and without special difficulties teachers performed tasks. It promoted bigger concentration of attention of pupils, activization of their speech, cogitative activity. The following pupils were especially active: E. Bronskaya, T. Yuseeva, S. Lyubimova, T. Taskayev, M. Panin.

The conducted research showed the following results: in general the design technique is effective innovative technology which considerably increases level of proficiency in language material, internal motivation of pupils, level of independence of school students and unity of collective, and also the general intellectual development of pupils.

The technology of use of a design technique when training IYa was investigated and proved, the published pedagogical experiment on this problem is analysed. (International telecommunication educational archaeological project "Global Village-Fort Ross").

In the course of degree research conversations and questioning among pupils and teachers for the purpose of detection of efficiency of design training as new pedagogical technology were used. (See: Appendix

However, the solution of these tasks of school is difficult at traditional approach in the education directed more on assimilation and reproduction of school material and development of necessary abilities.

The design technique is new pedagogical technology of training and represents possible alternative to traditional cool and fixed system. Need of application of a design technique for modern school education it is caused by obvious tendencies in educational system to fuller development of the identity of the pupil, his preparation for real activity.

Pupils: "If we create comfort and happiness inside, we will be able to live in our House of Tomorrow". "If we take care about our environment, we will be able to build our dream house". "If we take care about the health and the up-bringing of our kids, we will be able to build our House of Tomorrow".

The initial cut revealed the following results: in general pupils showed sufficient interest in the forthcoming work that promoted further increase of motivation of participants in the course of design activity.

In general, the project work which is carried out on the subject "Our House of Tomorrow" promoted strengthening of language and speech base of pupils, enrichment of their lexicon, development of communicative abilities and cross-cultural competence in general.

In the course of the purposeful analysis of theoretical scientific and methodical literature on a problem the conclusion was drawn that a design technique, being innovative technology, corresponds to the main objectives of modern school education:

Extensions: Pupils are offered to find independently additional material on this problem according to a certain role: chief decorating designer (main designer), chief architect (main architect), chief design engineer (main engineer-constructor), builder (builder).