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Program of statistical supervision. Any phenomenon possesses a set of various signs. Is inexpedient to collect information on all signs, and often and it is impossible. Therefore it is necessary to select those signs which are essential, the main for the characteristic of object, proceeding from a research objective. Develop the program of supervision for definition of structure of the registered signs.

During preparation the big part is assigned to mass and explanatory work: to carrying out lectures, conversations, the organization of performances in the press, by radio and television about value, the purposes and problems of the forthcoming inspection.

One of advantages of not continuous supervision is possibility of obtaining information in shorter terms and with menypy expenses of resources, than at continuous supervision. It is connected with the smaller volume of the collected information, and consequently, with lower costs of its receiving, reliability check, processing, the analysis.

Information is entered in the register on everyone been born and arrived from abroad. If the person died or left on permanent residence the country, data on him are withdrawn from the register. Registers of the population are kept on certain regions of the country. At change of a residence of data on unit of the population are transferred to the register of the respective territory. Because rules of registration are quite difficult and maintaining the register demands big expenses, this form of supervision practices in the states with a small number and high culture of the population (generally it is the European countries).

Not continuous supervision initially assumes that only the part of units of the studied set is surveyed. At its carrying out it is necessary to define in advance, what part of set has to be subjected to supervision and how it is necessary to select those units which have to be surveyed.