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State regulation of economy sets as the main goal observance of interests of the state, society in general, socially unprotected segments of the population. It is necessary in order that in the conditions of economic freedom they were not suppressed, restrained by both aspirations and interests of certain regions, social groups, branches, monopolies, businessmen, individuals.

Administrative methods of regulation are opposite to the nature of the market, they block operation of the corresponding market regulators. If to the enterprise, for example, the volume of the made production and the amount of deliveries of raw materials are in a directive way determined, it cannot react to change of market conditions by increase or reduction of production. Than the coverage of administrative methods of regulation, subjects already the sphere of distribution is higher and efficiency of the real market relations is lower.

For a present-day moment an edge by the problem of our state is its role in the economic system. Also cost stands a serious problem - a development of its market and expansion of economy. Since beside us not developped own industry, consequently, I duma that cost stands more deeply study this question. And what image its decide?

Let's note only that in connection with backwardness of the competition and extremely high level of monopolization of the market, characteristic for economy of transitional type, realization of this function gets here especially importance.

From told above it is possible to draw a conclusion that throughout all circulation period the EYE of a series B there was a low activity of investors. There was no large-scale short-term speculation, securities were bought for the purpose of investment into them of available funds on a long period.

Profitability to auction - characterizes efficiency of operation of the investor who got the EYE at auction at primary placement at the average price, and then sold them at the secondary auction at the closing price. Profitability the EYE to auction pays off on the following formula:

Profitability to repayment - characterizes efficiency of investment of means into the EYE taking into account that the investor got the EYE at the secondary auction or at auction and holds them before repayment. Profitability the EYE to repayment pays off on the following formula:

Possibilities of use of transfer payments as channel of redistribution of the income are also not boundless. Significant increase in the sizes and duration of payment of doles or grants to needy segments of the population weakens incentives to work that negatively influences not only economy, but also the social atmosphere in society.

In all economic systems the state regulates economy. Such regulation in modern market economy is carried out in much smaller scales, than in command system. Nevertheless, and here the economic role of the state is great.

 according to qualification requirements of the Federal commission develops training programs and plans, carries out training of heads and staff of the organizations which are carrying out professional activity on securities market, defines qualification of specified persons and issues them qualification certificates.