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It is natural that the bakuninsky program and could not be apprehended differently as contradicted, according to Marx, to basic provisions of International. Bakunin was refused because of discrepancy of structure of the organization to authorized requirements of International.

However the anarchism in the true sense of this word, undoubtedly, is generated by realities of Modern times. Only since the end of the XVIII century when Europe entered an era of the great revolutions promoting the statement of human identity and crash of bases of traditional society the anarchism - at first as philosophical doctrine, and then as important part of revolutionary, liberation movement is gradually made out.

Avtonomizm (autonomy) of the personality it is not simple independence, a sovereignty and a personal freedom, it is a way of existence of the person in the world and society at which the suppressed identity is formed and reveals it nobody.

Perhaps, the anarchism, became reaction to achievements and failures of Great French revolution: the attracting ideal of freedom, equalities and brotherhoods turned back new bourgeois alienation; the parliamentary democracy did not bring desired release of the personality and expression of national interests.

The anarchism is a social and philosophical revolutionary doctrine which purpose is creation of an extensive network of the independent, but surely reported among themselves communes, destruction of the state and creation of the free, originally communistic society which is really providing the principle of an avtonomizm of the personality.

Prudon emphasized that only on the basis of the widest and full personal freedom, only as a result of awareness by people of the interests and their mutual coordination true anarchy, the real order and real unity are possible.

Bakunin could form the section in International only after modification of program documents of Alliance. Creating the coalition in International, Bakunin pursued the aim to use the existing international organization for expansion of a sphere of influence of the ideas. The similar aim was pursued by Marx. Admitting to the organization of bakunist, he hoped to open for itself(himself) a way to those secret organizations where positions of supporters of Bakunin were strong. And they, undoubtedly, had a large number of associates in Italy, Spain and the Jurassic part of Switzerland, in separate segments of the population of France and Germany. For this reason discussion at the time of acceptance of anarchists in Association was not developed.