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Despite playful and instructive tone of the statement and quite limited understanding of the PR functions, it should be noted that anti-conflict, anti-recessionary activity of public relations is one of the major.

Development of an advertizing appeal is some kind of art. Therefore as practice shows, advertizing appeals in which their developers create the atmosphere of mutual respect, sincerity, a favor to mutually advantageous partnership are most effective.

The bonus discounts provided to regular customers (usually within 5%). Decrease in temporary fluctuations is also promoted by granting discounts in certain days of week (for example, discounts for tickets in the museum on weekdays) and during the day (discounts for tickets at cinema for morning sessions);

If to consider public relations from the point of view of system of marketing communications, PR can define as formation of system of harmonious communications of the organization with its target audiences on the basis of full and objective knowledge within achievement of the marketing purposes of a communicator.

Participation of firm seller in an advertizing campaign, joint with the intermediary, with the corresponding compensations of costs of the intermediary of advertizing (so-called "advertizing offset"). Providing retail dealers in free firm advertizing media (posters, pennants, stickers, signs, etc.);

As transmission media of advertizing it is necessary to refer broad coverage and rate, selectivity, live character of the address, efficiency, rather low level of advertizing tariffs to advantages of radio.

List all types of media channels known to you. Why use of one media channel separately, as a rule, is not effective? What advertizing means you will choose for an advertizing campaign of your firm? Why?