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The large enterprises, on the contrary, are more inert. They do not react quickly to changes in requirements of the market and the specific consumer. They not often change the directions of the business activity, but they have powerful own capital and can" endure" some favorable economic situations. They have opportunity to carry out all types of guarantee and post warranty service, to spend large sums for any advertizing. In other words, they almost always provide average profit and profitability. Such enterprises have opportunity to create subsidiaries, branches, to expand the market, to turn it into the international.

For this purpose it is necessary to carry out, in our opinion, the regular analysis of level of all risks, to define their optimum value for each concrete moment and to use all set of ways of management of them.

The following type of risk - portfolio risk consists in probability of loss on separate types of securities, and also on all category of loans. Portfolio risks are subdivided on financial, risks of liquidity, systematic and not systematic.

For reduction of risk on factoring operations it is necessary to analyze solvency of borrowers, to study nature of their economic communications and relationship with suppliers, structure of payments, competitiveness of production, quantity of cases of its return, etc.

One of the main ways of measurement of level of branch risk is receiving "betta-coefficient" of branch. This coefficient determines the level of fluctuations or deviations of results of activity of concrete branch in relation to results of activity of all economy of the market of the country. It is obvious that rather extensive database of macroeconomic indicators for rather long period of time is necessary for the analysis of level of branch risk.

Leasing — is a method of financing of development of new equipment and technology, expansion of sales of the equipment which is especially actual in the period of need of the accelerated introduction of separate elements of real fixed capital, reduction of life cycle of goods, etc.

Small and average borrowers more flexible, can quicker react to requirements of the market, the client. Their structure easier that gives them the chance quicker to change the directions of the business activity, to get high profit. Recently in the USA, for example, the state grants subsidies and opportunity to medium-sized enterprises to be engaged in active scientific researches, the new directions and so forth.