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agro-industrial complex (development of infrastructure for agrarian production, processing industries, agricultural mechanical engineering, chemical preparations for agriculture, introduction of new technologies and training for agriculture, development of social infrastructure in the village;

Research and developmental development which are carried out to branches of capital construction, have very much importance in investment process as they provide the scientific and technical level of the constructed object. As initial part of a stage of preparation of an investment cycle research and developmental development holds special position between basic scientific researches and design and exploration work and therefore can significantly influence rates of introduction of achievements of scientific and technical progress and efficiency of investment.

From the analysis of investment activity, in the sphere of production, the following conclusion follows: reorientation of considerable resources to development of the branches satisfying consumer inquiries of the population has to become the purpose of investment programs. Thus it is necessary to include in the list of the priority directions and branch of social infrastructure.

Besides, the conservative technology of construction from precast concrete led to increase in duration and cost of a construction of objects in different branches of a national economy, and in housing construction does not meet the biological requirements of accommodation at all. The investment cycle in construction is quite often carried out in 10-12 years against 2-3 years in the developed countries. Technological and economic lag in such conditions is inevitable.

In support of structural transformations it is necessary to proceed from the principle of financial support first of all of viable production structures, the enterprises and the organizations which already adapted for new realities of economic life, are capable to use effectively means and on this basis during the shortest time to increase outputs.

As a result of a problem of medical care of the population continue to become aggravated. They threaten to develop into a source of sharp social tension and demand deep attention from the state. We consider that now, in process of recovery from the crisis, the state has to give to medical institutions financial support. Along with it, as the major financial source it is necessary to introduce the insurance principles of delivery of health care gradually.