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Developing countries (including the Republic of Kazakhstan) take an important place in system of the international division of labor. Their place and a role causes them economic development and level of development of the industry. At the moment they in a basis carry out a role of suppliers of raw materials for the advanced industrial countries. But in process of development of the economies developing countries pass to specialization in release of finished goods, in the main NIS of Southeast Asia and Latin America. Despite it, nevertheless they still a long time will have peripheral character in relation to PRS, thereby causing the place in the international division of labor and system of MEO.

for example, about 2,4 million barrels of oil are daily extracted, production and export of natural gas grow. The Podushny income the United Arab Emirates averages 29 thousand dollars (the population of all emirates-okolo1,9 of one million people). Expansion of port of Minh - Zayet worth 60 million dollars is begun, construction of new international port in Al - the Ainu approaches end and expansion of the international port in Abu - Dabi is planned. Have to be built the new bridge connecting Abu's island - Dabi with the continent, and some new highways.

Big capital investments become in the oil and gas and electrical power industry. According to industrial circles, in the next five - six years they will make about 6 billion dollars. They include 2 billion dollars on expansion of oil refinery Ruvais and 4 billion dollars - on power plant and desalination installations. Also the construction of an island complex of entertainments of "Lulu" worth 2 billion dollars on the artificial island to which can become the largest regional and international complex such is supposed. The big program of capital investments, approximately in 6 billion dollars, for improvement of oil refineries and gas-processing systems is carried out,

In - the third, costs on working force, contrary to a popular belief, were rather high in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America that labor productivity is extremely low as a result of the general low qualification of labor here.

Opportunities, prospects and role of the international economic relations, value and ratio of their main forms and the directions are defined by deepening of the international division of labor, we pass to its high types. The general type of the international division of labor predetermines an interindustry international exchange, in particular, of goods of the extracted and processing branches of the certain countries. Private the razdeleniyetruda leads to development and prevalence of international trade in finished products of different branches and productions, including intra interindustry. At last, the MRT single type means specialization on separate production phases (knots, details, semi-finished products) and stages scientifically - technical, proyektno - design and technological is developed and even the investment project. Development of forms of specialization and cooperation creates prerequisites of development of the international economic relations.