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Differentiation of quality of tourist resources, their degree of appeal generate an objective basis for education in the sphere of tourism of an additional. in that case when the tourist enterprise uses the best and average resources.

Tourist service is expedient activities of the enterprises and firms for satisfaction of needs of tourists. The enterprise or firm is independently economic entity which, first, will be organized according to the operating country and therefore is a legal, secondly, is engaged in production and realization of goods and services, i.e. business activity, and, thirdly, functions on the principles of commercial calculation, i.e. strictly considers and compares expenses and of the activity for maximizing success. Tourist service is initial concept of economical and technological model of tourism, and the tourist enterprise - the smallest legal who creates and realizes these services.

Whether are available in the sphere of tourism of a condition for formation of additional profit - a material basis of a tourist rent? Are necessary for formation of additional profit more favorable, than it is socially necessary, conditions of production and realization of tourist services and a tourist product. The economical and technological model of tourism includes four main segments:

Use of any phenomenon in interests of an and the person assumes knowledge of the nature of this. The social and economic nature tourist rennets can be opened if are known: its essence; forms of its education and life; its social contents.

In modern economic literature "the income, any factor of production at which the offer temporarily keeps invariable size, sometimes call a quasirent" \(from armor. quasi - as though, almost; reddita - the given naza. For example, the constructed hydroelectric power station after costs of its construction completely will pay off, the long time works as a "gratuitous" force of nature and makes additional profit. Relatively the worst tourist resource - any the muyozey-estate, having usefulness as a tourist's product, - can make additional profit in the form of an absolute rent if the offer of this resource time not elastically and in society in the tourist market is available demand for this tourist's product. That the modern neoclassical direction calls a quasirent, of the past called additional profit or ­. In the sphere of tourism with the fake basis it is possible to call this additional profit an absolute tourist rent.

The economic sense of the given formula that the high share of the profit got by this tourist firm is a sign of force of its power. The high share of profit of the tourist firms using unique tourist resources testifies that these firms get additional profit, or excess profit, - a material basis of an exclusive tourist rent.

In the sphere of tourism there are all necessary conditions for formation of three forms tourist rents; exclusive, and absolute. Thus the modern science has the theory of cost, the theory of limit usefulness and the theory of a neoclassical which at all distinctions of conceptual approach in the set help to explain formation of three forms of a tourist rent.

In process of transition of society to a post-industrial of development value of services in general and first of all services will increase. The increased demand for services in comparison with demand for purely benefits cannot but find reflections in the cost of these services and respectively in the cost of these resources. Not in many countries of the mixed and developed economy the rate of return in the sphere of a recreation and tourism is higher, than in agriculture and the extracting branches. Figuratively speaking the muyozey-estate with other things being equal has big usefulness and therefore is more expensive, than simply of the house of the same type on the ground, same by the size and quality. Along with additional usefulness of rather tourist resources it is necessary to consider also that that quantitatively these resources are limited because of what their offer in the market is characterized by a low.

i.e. efficiency of tourist activity E at the level is a maximizing result P at minimization of expenses from this also follows that the basis of process of formation of a tourist rent is formed by efficiency of managing in the sphere of tourism.